The face shields ordered by the Finnish Security Agency have developed into a thick soup, which includes beauty clinic entrepreneur Tiina Jylhä, lawyer Kari Uoti as his representative and businessman Onni Sarmaste, known as a fast-paced entrepreneur. The angels of Hell are also mentioned.

Suomen Kuvalehti was the first to report on the strange tangle.

The course of events is very unclear. However, everything is based on an agreement that the Security of Supply Center entered into with Jylhä's company Look Medical Care.

The company was to supply the Center for Security of Supply with face shields due to the coronavirus epidemic. According to IS, this has been a transaction of as much as EUR 5 million.

The Security of Supply Center has declined to comment on the existence of the agreement to the public.

However, according to Jylh's agent Uoti, the order is black and white, but at this stage he does not want to present the contract documents to the public.

- If someone disputes the existence of the agreement, then I will deliver them, Uoti tells Ilta-Sanomat.

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Everything has progressed rapidly, there is talk of a time span of about two weeks.

According to Uoti, everything went wrong when businessman Sarmaste joined the deal in the role of a consultant. According to Uoti, Sarmaste said that he was on good terms with the management of the Security of Supply Center.

- The report later turned out to be untrue.

According to Uoti, Huoltovarmuuskeskus had to pay a prepayment to Jylhä's company for the delivery of face shields.

However, this did not happen, and according to Uoti, Sarmaste had provided the Huoltovarmuuskeskus with his own account number as the payment address.

- Unfortunately, they have time to pay the money to the wrong account. We are talking about millions of euros, says Uoti about the amount of the advance payment.

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Last Tuesday, a charter flight arrived in Finland from China, bringing with it two million surgical face shields and more than 200,000 respirators.

The stuff was second, and those masks can’t be used in a hospital.

Watch the video below for a board briefing on protective equipment.

Uoti emphasizes that Jylhä's company has nothing to do with delivery. Businessman Sarmaste took the trade in front of the company's nose.

- Sarmaste has apparently got those guards somewhere, I don't know anything about it, says Uoti.

According to Uoti, a request for an investigation into the activities of businessman Sarmaste is underway.

Their view is that due to Sarmaste's actions, Jylhä's company lost a deal worth millions of euros.

Sarmaste has not responded to Ilta-Sanomat's contacts.

Sarmaste told Helsingin Sanomat that he had contacted the Center for Security of Supply himself after hearing that the warehouses had been opened.

- I called the Security of Supply Center and said that I have contacts in China. Then I was spending the evening with a guy and someone said, I don’t remember who that is in that kind of hospital, that could get them from there. I thought that there could be a good journalist, Sarmaste told Helsingin Sanomat.

The hospital in question was Tiina Jylhä's beauty clinic, but according to Sarmaste, Jylhä's company did not have any stuff.

Sarmaste says he terminated the contract and procured the goods elsewhere through China.

Sarmaste told Suomen Kuvalehti that Jylhä would have sent the angels of the motorcycle gang Hell after him to collect a debt of five million euros.

Lawyer Kari Uoti says the allegation is completely false.

- My principal was quite shocked by such an argument.