China News Service, Changsha, April 9 Telegram : Overseas compatriots and fellow compatriots work together to fight against the "epidemic disease": do their best to help each other

Author Liu Man Chen Yaling

In the past few days, Yan Yaoyang, president of the Chinese Overseas Chinese Federation of Florida, has been very busy. He not only assists the Chinese Consulate General in Houston to collect information about foreign students under the age of 18, but also always pays close attention to the four new arrivals in the family of the vice president Mo Lian The status of young students.

In late March, affected by the rapid spread of the US epidemic, the private high school for four primary students from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hangzhou in China was temporarily closed. Immediately after learning from the teacher who worked with him, Mo Lian drove two carts with his wife Li Fei, and took the trapped young students and their luggage to a vacant house.

The Chinese Federation of Chinese Overseas Chinese in Florida helped the Chinese elementary students who were trapped due to the temporary closure of the school. Photo courtesy of Florida Chinese Overseas Chinese Federation

To welcome the four young guests, the Mo Lian and his wife cleaned the house ahead of time and filled the refrigerator. "They are between 16 and 18 years old and have no independent life experience. Parents are still very worried at first." Mo Lian said, he also regularly helped purchase supplies for them and sent them to the parents via WeChat. .

Yan Yaoyang also sent masks to young students on behalf of the overseas Chinese associations, and often visited to provide life services for them. He introduced that, considering that there may still be trapped international students, overseas Chinese associations also closely connected with the Chinese Consulate General in Houston to assist in the development of the situation. "Doing our best efforts to help each other is also a responsibility and responsibility."

At the same time, on the proposal and organization of Legal Counsel Rowling, the Florida Chinese Overseas Chinese Federation and the US-China Business Association (Florida Branch) established the WeChat group of “Chinese Student Support” on April 2 to keep abreast of local students ’ Appeal and assist in resolving, comforting Chinese parents far away from the ocean.

"Parents are most concerned about whether the child can return to China safely, whether the epidemic prevention items in the health bag are complete, and whether the residence is safe, etc." Rowling spends a lot of time every day answering questions and releasing the latest official news.

At present, the epidemic situation of New Coronary Pneumonia is spreading rapidly all over the world, and it has affected more than 200 countries and regions in the world. Overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese communities around the world are also taking active actions to provide strong backing for overseas Chinese to fight against the epidemic.

The New Zealand Overseas Chinese Federation sought various sources of goods and organized a batch of masks, disinfectants and other anti-epidemic materials, which were distributed to thousands of members for free before the blockade and isolation.

On the 11th day of New Zealand's "closing the city", Chen Shuizhen, president of the New Zealand Overseas Chinese Association, saw a member's request for help in the WeChat group late at night: the mother and daughter had been suffering from low fever for several days and were suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus. Due to local regulations, people with symptoms cannot take public transportation, and the member will not drive and cannot go out to see a doctor on his own.

Chen Shuizhen immediately called to comfort her, and urgently contacted the relevant medical institutions, family doctors, etc. to find ways to assist them in seeking medical treatment. After various communication suggestions, the mother and daughter are still isolated at home for observation, but Chen Shuizhen's daily care and comfort gave them great psychological support.

The Brazilian Hunan Association has set up a volunteer team. 20 volunteers participated in the epidemic prevention hotline answering, psychological consultation, temporary rescue and other work. The three-in-one anti-epidemic rescue program developed by the British Hunan Association has also been launched. Six practical functions such as seeking medical consultation and medicine, querying aid sites, and making appointments to receive supplies are available to serve compatriots.

"The overseas Chinese group is the home of overseas Chinese and Chinese. It should come forward at the critical moment and shoulder their responsibilities. Everyone will help each other to overcome the difficulties safely," said Qi Xiangbai, president of the Hunan Association of Brazil. (Finish)