On March 16, Norway closed the border with Sweden. The border stop has since been extended and now applies at least over the Easter weekend.

When no Norwegians can pass into Sweden, it is clearly visible on the deliveries to the major shopping centers along the border.

- They are largely non-existent, given that the Norwegians are isolated in their country, says Henrik Gustavsson at LBC Freight.

Strict fines

The rules around the closed border are strict.

For the Norwegian who nevertheless enters Sweden for some reason, 14 days quarantine applies upon returning home. Violations of the quarantine rules are punished by a fine of SEK 20,000 in fines.

Canceled deliveries

Easter is a big holiday in Norway, and normally one of the highlights of the year for border trade.

Many stores had loaded with large orders of, among other things, sweets, which are coated with sugar tax in our neighboring country, and one of the goods that the Norwegians usually pilfer across the border to buy.

- To the shopping center in Långflon we would have driven 40 pallets of candy a week now for Easter, but they have canceled all deliveries.