Eileen Hirano Inouye dies at 10:04 on April 9

As a Japanese-American, Irene Hirano Inouye, who has worked to improve the status of Japanese Americans in the United States and to promote friendship between the United States and Japan, has died. 71 years old.

Irene Hirano Inouye was born in Los Angeles, California and shed light on the history of Japanese Americans and worked to improve them. He was the first director of the National Museum of Japanese Americans, which opened in 1992.

In 2009, he established the U.S.-Japan Council, an exchange group centered on Japanese Americans, and as a chairman, worked hard on friendship between the United States and Japan through cultural exchange programs.

After her husband Daniel Inouye died in 2013, she was awarded the `` Medal of Freedom '', the highest rank among ordinary citizens for her work for goodwill between the United States and Japan, and Mr. Eileen received the medal from President Obama I had received it.

Eileen Hirano Inouye emphasized the importance of emphasizing greater interaction between the United States and Japan at the US-Japan Council's General Assembly in Los Angeles last November. Inoue died at the age of 71 on July 7 after having been ill.