09 April 2020 There is controversy over what is written on Die Welt on EU funds and the Mafia. One of the first to react was Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio to 'Uno Mattina on Rai1: "That a foreign newspaper says that the Mafia is waiting for the money that Italy is asking for in Brussels is a shameful and unacceptable statement, I hope the German government will distance itself, "said Di Maio. "Italy is now mourning the victims of the coronavirus, but mourning the victims of the mafia," he added, "it is unacceptable for such considerations to be made."

Considerations also published on social media by Di Maio: "Die Welt, an important German newspaper, this morning invited Europe not to help Italy because, the newspaper wrote verbatim, 'the mafia is waiting for money from Brussels I don't want to open controversies because, frankly, here in Italy we don't even have the time, but let me say that I find the tones used by the German newspaper shameful and unacceptable. I hope that Berlin condemns them and dissociates. Italy is crying today his victims affected by the Coronavirus, but he cried and still mourns his victims of the Mafia. As Foreign Minister I cannot accept that such considerations are made ". So Di Maio on Facebook.

"For the German newspaper #DieWelt in Italy the mafia is waiting for funding from Brussels. Very serious offense against the country with the most advanced anti-mafia system. Sinister instrumentalization, especially if in relation to our requests in Europe. Berlin dissociates immediately". So on Twitter the deputy commissioner of the 5 Star MoVement Francesco D'Uva .

"But what kind of barbarism allows a German newspaper such and so many shameful offenses towards the citizens of an entire country, while we are all facing the darkest page of the last seventy-five years? And while we are all together committed to fighting a virus that is not has borders and the economic crisis that arises? " This is what Carlo Sibilia , Undersecretary of the Interior, wonders about the article in the newspaper Die Welt which this morning publishes online signed by Cristoph Schiltz, seriously defamatory towards Italy. "Our country is a fierce opponent of all the mafias, which are not necessarily based in Germany as well. We also oppose them and teach other countries to do it: at the Interior Ministry we have recently set up an inter-force monitoring body appointed to prevent them mafias take advantage of the moment of economic weakness of Italy and, indeed, of Europe, it would be more correct to say. We expect Berlin to dissociate itself from that article and from those insulting words that certainly do not help diplomatic relations between two of the major powers Our investigators are among the best in the world and the instruments to contrast mafia infiltrations with which Italy has equipped themselves are an example for the whole world ", concludes Sibilia.

"'Frau Merkel remains firm' is the title of an article by Die Welt that denigrates Italy. Frau Merkel must instead condemn this article and demonstrate that Germany and the European Union are not guided by unacceptable stereotypes like that of the Italians It is scandalous that the German press is barbarous in this way against Italy, a country that is struggling hard to defeat the pandemic and not be crushed by the economic crisis. We expect a firm grip and public apologies but, above all, we expect concrete forms of support and solidarity from the German government. No more selfishness, no more propaganda calculations linked to internal political balances: if a united Europe exists, this is the time to prove it. The vast majority of Italians are good people, who is facing huge sacrifices and who is rolling up his sleeves. What we are asking for are the means necessary to restart the economy, stopped because of Coronavi rus ". So Mara Carfagna , vice president of the Chamber and deputy of Forza Italia.

"We've always known that Die Welt does junk journalism. But we didn't think it would go that far. Now what does the German government do?" This was stated by the secretary of the Unione Popolare Cristiana (UPC) movement Antonio Satta . "Enough of the selfishness of Northern Europe now. We have already witnessed such scenes when there was the emergency of migrant landings. But now the limit has really been exceeded: Germany and Holland risk creating an irremediable fracture with the rest of the Continent ", concludes Satta.

"'Italians must be controlled' by the European Commission ... 'The mafia is only waiting for a new shower of money from Brussels ...'. So today the German newspaper Die Welt. Be ashamed. Be ashamed and rinse your mouth when you talk about Italy ". The leader of the League, Matteo Salvini wrote on Twitter. "Have you enriched yourself thanks to a currency and a Union useful only for Germany and now you want to 'control' us and give lessons? Better alone, free and strong as we were and how we can go back to being, than humiliated, controlled, impoverished and evil accompanied ", he concludes.

"Shame, shame, shame. I have no other words to comment on the infamous article of the German newspaper 'Die Welt' against Italy. While our nation is on its knees and mourning its dead, there are those in Europe who get up in heaven as the vultures would do to find the corpses to feed on. Conte demand respect for the Italian people and ask Merkel to distance herself ". The president of Fratelli d'Italia, Giorgia Meloni writes it on Facebook.

"Die Welt's irritating comment on Italy and the Dutch Parliament's vote against the Eurobonds and the Mes on favorable terms on a decisive day are only the last examples of the dangerous drift in progress. We also feed it when we accuse selfishness of those who oppose what we believe is the interest of the European Union and withdraw Nazism to try to soften the German government. It is necessary to archive the tales about the European people we interpreted enlightenment and recognize the facts of reality We cannot continue to impose top choices on the Italian people, as well as on the other peoples of the European Union. The front of the southern countries leave Eurobonds alone. The northern front leave the Mes alone. To face the economic consequences , social and public finance of Covid-19, focus the discussion on the line of least political resistance, the only really useful one: give political legitimacy to the ECB to buy re the necessary securities and to sterilize the public debt accumulated by each national central bank under the Quantitative easing. Frankfurt has, with delay and contradictions, taken the right path. If even the path of the ECB is not politically feasible, take note of the need to recover, in a cooperative way, for each state, its monetary autonomy. We cannot afford downward compromises and always survive under public debt blackmail. " Stefano Fassina of LeU writes on Facebook.

"More resources from Europe strengthen the state and institutions. And weaken the mafias. Die Welt's statements are out of place". This was stated by Senator Laura Garavini , President of the Defense Commission and deputy Vice-President of the Italia viva group