• Coronavirus, seizures Postal police in Naples: on the web tests and forged masks


09 April 2020 Nas 23,000 articles seized between masks and irregular sanitizing products, in various operations conducted in various Italian cities as part of the inspections arranged by the Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Health through cross checks on import / export trade flows.

During the activities of the last few days, the Nas have seized 8,100 masks of various categories, from simple anti-dust, to surgical ones up to individual protection devices (such as FFP2), which were found to be irregular, lacking the characteristics declared by manufacturers and sellers and subject to import in ways not allowed.
Also block 14,800 packages of disinfectant products and without any registration

6 owners of production and commercial businesses and 16 others will have to pay administrative fines for a total of 25 thousand euros.

Among the interventions, in Perugia an entrepreneur held responsible for commercial fraud for having produced and put on sale face masks declared as Personal Protective Equipment, but found to be lacking of the necessary requirements was reported to the Public Prosecutor's Office. The company actually manufactured and sold simple masks that did not protect against Covid19 or any other type of virus

In Rome, at a tailor shop managed by non-EU citizens, the Nas has seized 700 "false" face masks, with a total value of around 4,000 euros, ready to be sold on the capital's square.

In Pescara 70 masks were produced in a wholesale company. The selling price exceeded 400% of the real value.

Discovered another importing company had 100 PPE protective masks, accompanied by a certificate of conformity issued to a Chinese manufacturer other than the one who physically made them. Also in Palermo, over two thousand liters of sanitizing gel and soap were seized in two cosmetic product workshops, in 200 ml bottles and in 4 liter cans, ready for sale. Again the products had no certification

Reggio Calabria
Here the Nas seized 1,140 packs of sanitizing liquid marketed in the absence of the prescribed ministerial authorization.

A supplier of healthcare products for pharmacies, it had 4,650 CE-marked surgical masks, but placed on the market before the authorizations of the current regulations. In addition, it had 3,334 packs of hand sanitizing gel. Obviously false