Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, German Defense Minister and President of the CDU, was the guest of Europe 1. She reaffirmed the desire for solidarity between European neighbors and explained that she did not believe in compensation for the most vulnerable countries difficulty with coronavirus.


While borders are closing and France, like many European states, is continuing its confinement, European solidarity is organizing to fight against the covid-19 pandemic. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, German Minister of Defense, President of the CDU, spoke at the microphone of Europe 1 to talk about it. She said she did not believe that counterparts in exchange for European aid for the most affected countries would be on the agenda.

MES will no longer be linked to "rigorous consolidation plans"

"There is a very strong desire to be in solidarity with our European neighbors," wished to reassure the minister. "But there are very deep discussions regarding debts and the issue of eurobonds". does it then have counterparts for the countries which would be helped, for example for Italy and Spain? "I do not believe it", she answers, "because, for example, we said that the credits MES (European Stability Mechanisms) will no longer be tied to rigorous consolidation plans, a proposal that can help all neighbors in Europe, especially countries like Italy. "

Germany, the new "welfare state"?

Germany, so far, is noted for its management of the crisis. The country welcomes for example French patients in its hospitals, has released billions of euros to help the economy ... and this after 15 years of budgetary discipline. But if the country is often considered as the one that "pays" for the others, currently, explains Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, "we are not opposed to solidarity. I am convinced that after the fight against the coronavirus, it is necessary that 'we revitalize Europe. "

"Our austerity policy has never been an ideological end in itself," she adds. "For us, such a policy is an essential contribution to intergenerational equity. It is this budgetary discipline that allows us to react to the coronavirus crisis with all our economic and financial means, for the well-being of the population. "

If the Minister of Defense considers that being the good student of Europe can be "sometimes a little difficult and tiring", she also considers that "the European states which are strong are ready to use this force to support all others in Europe. "

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