Before the election, each party is making promises aimed at the younger generation.

Today (9th), President Kim Jong-in, chairman of the Future Unification Party, held a press conference at the National Assembly and suggested, “The government should pay a special disaster scholarship of 1 million won per person to all college students and graduate students.”

Previously, Chairman Kim bowed his head, saying, “I'm sorry,” about candidate Kim Dae-ho's remarks about 3040 generations and candidate Cha Myung-jin's Sewol Lake. It is analyzed that the special disaster scholarship proposed by Chairman Kim is to regain the voice of the youth who respond sensitively to the inappropriate remarks of the candidates.

In addition to running for Gumi City in Gyeongbuk, Democratic Party candidate Hyun Kwon Kim went on to target the youth with the pledge of 'Gumi Hug Youth'. Established 'Youth High-Tech Re-education Campus' to support re-education for youth dreams, 'Youth Start-up Park' that provides housing and welfare to young entrepreneurs, and vacant one-room houses in slumbed areas as share houses and private homes for companions 'Youth Friendly Social Housing Complex' projects were included.

Sang-Jeon Shim, Chairman of the Justice Party, met college students in front of Hongik University in Seoul. Chairman Shim said, “Your youth and college students are in the midst of the Corona 19 public welfare crisis. We have to freeze the rent increase, and the government needs to pay the rent in cash as an emergency aid.”

The admission and tuition fees, which have emerged as a major concern among college students, argued that "the right to study and practice is infringing, so we must give back."

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