The society that English study YouTuber 'Gillian' dreams of is a "friendly society".

When we took a picture of 'Gillian', we participated in the challenge between us [4.15] and said, "In these difficult times like these, we can make a better world with a kind word and a warm word."

"I'd like to know that a word of warmth can make a person's day happy," said Gillian, eagerly mentioned that he had been receiving YouTube and had been ill. In the meantime, he said, "I want our society to be more strict and decisive when it comes to bad guys."

# Better together, let's take it! ] Meet now.
▶ [Let's take it!] Hyung-beom "May Korea be free from disease"
▶ [Let's take it!] The dream of lawyer YouTuber Kimbyeon is "unity and peace"
▶ [Let's take it!] University student Choi Harin "Maybe a society without gender wage gap"

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