U.S. senior officials call for clarification on the situation in Wuhan, China April 8 at 11:30

A U.S. government official said, "A pandemic arose from Wuhan. Cooperation with local experts is essential to saving people around the world," said Wuhan in Hubei, China, where the blockade due to the spread of the new coronavirus was lifted. "We asked China to clarify the local infection situation.

The Chinese government lifted railroad and airplane flights from Wuhan, Hubei Province to various parts of China, which had been closed for two and a half months, and lifted the blockade.

In this connection, a senior U.S. government official commented on Tuesday that "the pandemic arose from Wuhan. Cooperation with local Chinese experts is essential to save people around the world."

"The virus research facility in Wuhan knew about the virus more than a month earlier than American scientists. I would like you to exchange it directly to find out what research was done." He called for clarification of the local infection situation.

Secretary of State Pompeio also said in a press conference on July 7 that "Every country, whether a democracy or not, should share information in a transparent and efficient manner." However, he emphasized the idea that information should be actively disclosed to curb the spread of infection worldwide.