During the president's daily press conference, he was asked what he would advise the countries that are opposed to social distancing. Then he took up Sweden as an example.

- They are not that many. Almost everyone who practiced it now shuts down. Great Britain for example. There is talk of Sweden, but Sweden suffers very hard.

"Sweden makes this flock, they call it the flock," he said.

Obtain herd immunity

Trump believes that Sweden's strategy is to consciously work to achieve a herd immunity against the corona virus. This is something that the Public Health Authority's state epidemiologist rejects.

- I don't know what he means by that, but we who work with infectious diseases know that this type of disease will continue to spread until we have achieved immunity in the population. There is no other way to stop it, he said in the Morning Studio on Wednesday.

He also took the opportunity to reject Donald Trump's comment.

- Now you should not take this seriously. All countries suffer from this. Of course, it is very difficult in Sweden, not least in health care. But compared to the situation in New York, where I happen to have a relative who works, it works well, he said.

Record high death rate

Trump himself was criticized for his actions at the beginning of the Corona crisis, when he waved away the seriousness and called it a scam staged by the Democrats.

But now most of the country is shut down. About 95 percent of the US population is estimated to be affected by calls to stay indoors and leave home only for necessary matters.

The last 24 hours of more than 1800 new deaths have been registered in the United States, which is the highest figure to date.

But according to Donald Trump, the death toll would have been higher if they had acted as Sweden.

- It's a way to do it, but everyone looks at everyone else and so far almost all countries are doing the same thing we do. If we didn't, hundreds of thousands more people would have died, he says.