8:54 on April 8 spreading thanks to healthcare professionals at World Health Day SNS

As the fight against the new coronavirus continues in various parts of the world, SNS posts have been posted on the SNS in conjunction with World Health Day on April 7 to express appreciation to healthcare workers working in harsh conditions. .

World Health Day was established on April 7, 1948, when the charter of the World Health Organization came into effect.

Along with this day, SNS is spreading on the medical fronts around the world to express appreciation and solidarity to healthcare workers who are at the forefront of fighting the new coronavirus.

Twitter in the United States posted an emoticon to applaud, with the message "Applause to the wonderful healthcare professionals around the world."

Walt Disney World Resort, located in southern Florida, has released images of Cinderella Castle lit up in blue with gratitude and hope.

In addition, Mr. Melania, President of Trump's wife, tweeted `` I would like to give compliments to those who are fighting the new coronavirus '', and President Obama also said `` Thank you for courage and work I can't do it. "