The two candidates Lee Nak-yeon and Hwang Kyo-an, facing Jongno in Seoul, were mixed today (8th). While Democratic Party candidate Lee Nak-yeon traveled to nine other nations instead of Jongno to support other candidates, candidate Hung Kyo-an of the United Party repeatedly emphasized his judgment on the regime as he continued his campaign in Jongno.

This was covered by reporter Baek Woon.


Chairman Lee Nak-yeon of the Democratic Party is a must-see for Busan and Gyeongnam.

Chairman Lee emphasized the 'worker theory' to choose the right people to work with, promising to solve the problems of the Corona 19 situation as well as the new airport, which is a regional issue.

[Lee Nak-yeon / Furthermore, Democratic Party Chairman of the Democratic Party: Fighting is easy. When you are in a hurry, do it first, and if you fight after the work is organized, you will not be late.]

In Busan, I concentrated on catching local votes while traveling by subway, and I applied for support in nine locations today, including the southern part of the afternoon.

Hung Kyo-an, the leader of the UNDP, has continued to stay in Jongno in the district since the official election campaign began on the 2nd.

President Hwang has brought back the frame of saving the country versus saving the economy.

[Hwang Kyo-An / Future United Party Leader: Those who follow the country say they will come to the general election, but these people must judge.]

The current regime was defined as incompetent, irresponsible, and martial arts 3 martial arts regime, which once again set fire to the regime's judgment theory.

Hwang said that the reason for focusing on Jongno's campaign is that Jongno is the first political place to inform the people of the government's situation.

In today's campaign, Hyung-Joon Park, chairman of the board, went on to support Hwang.

(Video coverage: Ha-Lung, Video editing: Won-Hee Hwan)