Prime Minister Jung Se-gyun said he will temporarily suspend visa immunity and visa-free entry to countries that are banning Koreans from entering Korea. Corona19 ordered the relevant ministries to prepare an implementation plan to actively respond to the inflow of foreign countries.

Reporter Kim A-young.


The meeting of the Central Disaster Safety Response Headquarters at Corona 19 held at the Sejong Government Complex in the morning of today (8th), Prime Minister Chung Se-gyun said that he will discuss more aggressive ways to deal with the dangers of inflows into Corona 19.

[Jung Se-Gyun / Prime Minister: Temporary suspension of visa exemption and visa-free entry to countries that prohibit our citizens from entering ... .]

Prime Minister Chung insisted on expanding immigration restrictions for non-necessary purposes, and instructed related ministries to come up with an implementation plan as soon as possible.

Prime Minister Chung explained today that the foundation for openness will be maintained, but restrictions will be tightened according to the principle of reciprocity.

The government's policy follows that the recent share of foreign inflows accounted for almost half of the new entrants, and Corona 19 swept through Europe and the United States, followed by signs of spreading to Asian countries such as Japan.

Prime Minister Chung also said that the government's review of the issue of electronic wristbands will soon come to a conclusion by converging public opinion.

Some self-containers say that the acts of deviating are causing the majority to be overthrown and causing difficulties in prevention, so that the violations that have been caught up to now are promptly filed, while instructing them to strengthen unannounced inspections.