Xinhuanet Jin Jiaxu

[When learning is in progress] On April 8, Wuhan will lift the control measures for the Lihan-Ehu channel, and the city that has pressed the "pause button" has "restarted". General Secretary Xi Jinping has always been concerned about Wuhan, working day and night to coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development. Xinhua News Agency's "Learning in Progress" original brand column "Laboratory" launched an article, with you to understand the general secretary of Wuhan "love".

On April 8th, Wuhan will lift the control measures for the passage from Han to Hubei. The land of Jingchu is gradually recovering its former appearance!

After more than two months, from pressing the "pause button" to "restarting", Wuhan, a city of "nine provinces", has experienced major historical trials one after another, and "struggled" in one step against the ruthless disease. Step by step to victory.

Wuhan has always been the concern of General Secretary Xi Jinping. Since the outbreak, Xi Jinping has carefully arranged for the prevention and control of the epidemic, worked hard day and night to plan economic and social development, and sincerely praised the heroic Wuhan people.

Everywhere in every aspect, the affection is true and the intention is deep.

"Love" is life-"putting the safety and health of the people first"

The New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic is a major public health emergency that has occurred in China since the founding of New China with the fastest spread, the widest infection range, and the most difficult prevention and control. Wuhan is the "storm eye" most affected by the epidemic and Xi Jinping's deepest concern.

Since the outbreak, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core has attached great importance to it, always putting the people ’s lives and health at the top, focusing on supporting the epidemic prevention and control work in Hubei and Wuhan, and adopting the most comprehensive, strict and thorough Prevention and control measures to resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic.

General Secretary Xi Jinping has been personally directing and deploying the epidemic prevention and control work in Wuhan. Since the first day of the first lunar month, he has chaired eight meetings of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China to conduct special research on epidemic prevention and control. Each meeting will specifically refer to Wuhan and make highly targeted requests.

"Strictly control personnel entering and leaving Wuhan and resolutely prevent the spread of the epidemic." "Hubei Province, especially Wuhan, is still the top priority of epidemic prevention and control. We must focus on solving the problem of insufficient medical resources such as beds and medical personnel." And resources, and comprehensively strengthen the epidemic prevention and control in Hubei Province and Wuhan City, "" Hubei Province and Wuhan City should be cautious and do their best "...

In addition, at high-profile meetings such as the Politburo meeting, the plan to promote the prevention and control of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic and the deployment of economic and social development work, Xi Jinping has made detailed deployments of Wuhan's epidemic prevention and control work on many occasions, and has accurately implemented strategies for different prevention and control situations. A series of measures to combat the epidemic have been carried out closely around the actual needs of Wuhan, and have been deepened and advanced step by step.

What the love is, what it does. "I'm here to visit the condolences of the people of Hubei and Wuhan!" On March 10, at a critical moment in the fight against the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, Xi Jinping went to Wuhan, Hubei Province to investigate the epidemic prevention and control work, and visited the medical workers who fought hard on the front line. The PLA commanders, community workers, public security cadres, grassroots cadres, sinking cadres, volunteers and residents will further deploy and mobilize to resolutely win the Hubei Defence War and Wuhan Defence War, for the entire party, the entire army and the people of all ethnic groups The epidemic infused strong confidence and strength.

Xi Jinping said emotionally: "I firmly believe that the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, the strong support of the whole party and the army, and the support of the people of all ethnic groups across the country, and the united efforts of the entire province and the whole province, the heroic Wuhan people will be able to overcome the epidemic thoroughly and be able to take the fire. Rebirth will definitely create more brilliant performance in the new era! "

"Wuhan will win, Hubei will win, and China will also win." Xi Jinping's confidence in victory is also the confidence of victory in the whole country.

"Emotion" is the development-"promoting the stability of the economy"

Wuhan is not only the capital of Hubei Province, but also an important industrial base, science and education base and comprehensive transportation hub in the country. It is an important fulcrum of many national strategies such as the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the rise of the central region. It is on the "economic map" of China and even on the global industrial chain. Has a pivotal role.

Xi Jinping has always thought deeply and thought deeply.

In July 2013, Xi Jinping came to Wuhan for an inspection, and came to the Xinluo Yangluo Container Port area on the first plane. At that time, it was raining heavily. Xi Jinping rolled up his trouser legs, holding an umbrella, and wearing a wet shirt to check with the staff. Once the photos on the scene were released, countless people were moved. During this inspection, Xi Jinping proposed that the Yangtze River Basin should strengthen cooperation, give play to the role of inland navigation, and turn the entire basin into a golden waterway.

In April 2018, Xi Jinping came to Wuhan again to inspect, and presided over a seminar to further promote the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt. He walked into enterprises to understand scientific and technological innovation achievements, in-depth community inspections of grassroots governance, and held seminars to plan high-quality development ... Xi Jinping made a series of important deployments to steer the economic and social development of Wuhan and even the whole country.

The epidemic of New Coronary Pneumonia struck violently, and Wuhan's production and living order was strongly affected.

"This outbreak will bring pain to Hubei's economic and social development in the short term, but it will not affect the fundamentals of economic stability and long-term improvement." On March 10, when inspecting the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan Xi Jinping made it clear that under the premise of strengthening prevention and control, a differentiated strategy should be adopted to start zoning, classification, time-sharing, and conditional resumption of production in a timely manner.

"Wuhan City should gradually promote the resumption of production and production, and other regions in Hubei Province should steadily and orderly release control measures." On March 18, Xi Jinping chaired a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee to scientifically and accurately carry out epidemic prevention and control in key areas and the economy Social development has become an important topic for conference research.

On March 27, Xi Jinping chaired the Politburo meeting. The meeting pointed out that on the premise of good epidemic prevention and control, support Hubei's orderly resumption of production and production, help Hubei solve financial, financing, supply chain and other practical difficulties, and support Hubei to help enterprises, stabilize jobs, promote employment, and protect people's livelihood. jobs.

As of April 4, the resumption rate of industrial enterprises above designated size in Wuhan was 97.2%, and the resumption rate of service enterprises above designated size was 93.2%. The resumption of work in Wuhan City is faster than expected and better than expected.

Xi Jinping's "love" in Wuhan condenses long-term planning and precise consideration of the city.

"Love" is the people-"Wuhan people deserve to be heroes"

"Wuhan is worthy of being a hero, and the people of Wuhan are worthy of being a hero. They will surely be recorded in history again by winning this fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic!"

"The whole party and the people of all ethnic groups are moved and admired for you!"

"The Party and the people thank the people of Wuhan!"

On March 10, during his inspection in Wuhan, Xi Jinping praised the people of Wuhan with affection. He emphasized that in this grim struggle, the people of Wuhan are aware of the overall situation, consider the overall situation, are not afraid of hardships, and are stubborn and unyielding, consciously obey the needs of the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control, take the initiative to participate in the epidemic prevention and control struggle, and make a major contribution to the whole country It was the perseverance and high spirits of the people of Wuhan.

The sea is flowing, showing the true character of the hero. A heroic city and a group of heroic people, with the sacrifice and dedication of "separating a city and protecting the people of the country", with perseverance and perseverance, made a major contribution to the positive situation of the national epidemic of the national war. The contribution shows the strength of China and the spirit of China, and demonstrates the feelings of the Chinese nation in the same boat and help each other.

From "pause" to "restart", as the most important and decisive place for the epidemic prevention and control struggle, Wuhan has been fighting tenaciously against the epidemic with unprecedented courage and courage.

In this grim struggle, the majority of party members and cadres charged forward and fought bravely. Medical staff were armoured in white and retrogressed. The soldiers of the people were moved and bravely burdened. The community workers, public security officers, grassroots cadres and sinking The cadres and volunteers are not afraid of wind and rain, and stick to the front line. The broad masses of the people are all willing to participate in the city. A large number of advanced models and moving deeds have made the people tearful.

Faced with panic and anxiety when faced with virus threats, pain and sorrow when being loved by relatives and loved ones, and depression and loneliness when separated at home for a long time ... In this regard, Xi Jinping said emotionally during the inspection: "There are tens of millions of people in Wuhan, through the closure of the city It is very difficult to control the spread of the epidemic. It is very difficult to make this determination. It is indeed a very difficult decision. In this sense, the people of Hubei, especially the people of Wuhan, have made sacrifices and made significant contributions. You have made great contributions to the entire fight against epidemic. "

"While the epidemic situation in Wuhan is gradually improving, but generally speaking, there is no time to relax. This is a people's war, which requires all people to have confidence and help each other. Persistence is victory. Please persevere!"

"I have been thinking on the road, what a good city Wuhan is! This is a heroic city, and the people here are heroic people. In this fight against the epidemic, the people of Wuhan showed a spirit of not afraid of sacrifice , The courage to take responsibility, the spirit of taking care of the overall situation, and the spirit of dedication. These spirits are important manifestations of the spirit of the Chinese nation. We must sum up and carry forward. I believe that through this fight against the epidemic, Wuhan Will be included in the history of heroes again! "

Xi Jinping ’s profound “love” in Wuhan is a long and affectionate connection with the people ’s blood, warmth based on the heart of the people, and it also leads the Chinese people to overcome difficulties, work together, and strive to realize the Chinese nation ’s great revival. The passionate pride.