The United Party continues its campaign in Gyeonggi with Chungnam today (8th). Candidate Daeho Kim, who had been controversial with the 'Generation Shamha' statement, was finally dismissed.

Reporter Park Sang-jin.


Kim Jong-in, chairman of the unification party, infiltrated Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, infiltrated the economic crisis caused by Corona19 and the government's ability to solve it.

[Kim Jong-in / Senior Chairman of the Future Integration Party: When the coronavirus passes, the next great economic corona comes. These people are not able to solve it.]

Hwang Kyo-an, who has been focusing on local districts and Jongno campaigns since the first day of the campaign, voiced that the current government is only interested in saving the country, and that the people suffer from tax bombs such as the final tax.

[Hwang Kyo-An / Future United Party President (Jongno, Seoul candidate): The Moon Jae-in regime is not interested in saving the economy. This regime, which seeks to destroy the foundation of Korea through its motherland, must be judged. Everyone.]

The leadership of the United Party is expected to continue to support Chungnam and Gyeonggi provinces today.

The leader of the UNDP said it had decided to dismiss the candidate Kim Dae-ho, who made a stir in the remarks of his 30s and 40s.

Candidate Kim apologized after criticizing the inside and outside of the party when he was speaking in his mid-30s and saying 'huge ignorance and misunderstanding'.

National Assembly Chairman Ahn Cheol-soo argued through the SNS that the "nationals' right to know is the priority, but the former Secretary of State Cho is blocking it," referring to the 'prohibition of disclosure of criminal cases' made by the former Attorney General.