First, Donald Trump was clear. The US will pause payments to the World Health Organization WHO, he noted during his daily press conference at the White House.

When journalists began to question whether it really was right to do so in the middle of a pandemic, he partially withdrew the statement.

"I didn't say we will do it, I said we will look at it," he said.

"Really sabotaged it"

This comes after a day when Donald Trump clearly criticized the World Health Organization.

“WHO really sabotaged it. For some reason, they are mostly funded by the United States, but still very Chinese-centric. We will look at it closely. Fortunately, I dismissed their advice on keeping our borders open to China at an early stage. Why did they give us such a wrong recommendation? " he wrote on Twitter earlier in the day.

"Should have known"

Even at the press conference, he continued to criticize the World Health Organization.

- They should have known what it would be like. They probably did, he said.

He continued to criticize the organization for, according to him, being "very chin-centered". The WHO has praised China for its transparency in the virus, although there are reasons to believe that more people have died in the country than the official figures show, according to the AP.