(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) U.S. New Coronary Pneumonia kills 10,000

China News Agency, Washington, April 7 (Reporter Chen Mengtong) The death toll of the new US pneumonitis broke 10,000 on the 6th. "This week, the battle has entered a critical and difficult phase, and the United States will continue to take active measures to defeat the new crown virus." US President Trump said in the opening remarks of the White House conference on the 6th.

According to the data from Johns Hopkins University at 10:00 on the 6th, 368,000 people in the United States have been infected with new coronary pneumonia and 10,923 people have died. Among them, 131,000 were diagnosed in New York, 41,000 in New Jersey, 17,000 in Michigan, and 16,000 in California.

The epidemic epidemic in New York State on the 6th had a total of 4,758 deaths. New York Governor Como said at a regular press conference that the number of new-day coronary pneumonia deaths in the state has remained below 600 for two consecutive days, and the number of hospitalizations is also declining. . However, he also mentioned that the public hospital system is under "unsustainable" pressure.

Trump announced on the same day that he would send 3,000 more medical personnel to New York and agreed with Como's request to allow the "Consolation" naval medical ship to treat new crown patients in New York and New Jersey.

Vice President Pence said that California and Washington State have made "significant progress" in curbing the epidemic. He called on the American people to continue to follow the "social distance" epidemic prevention guidelines, "we are beginning to see the curve flatten out."

The White House reported that by the 6th, 1.79 million people in the United States had been tested for new coronavirus. The federal government distributed more than 8,000 ventilators to the states. The US Army Corps of Engineers has built 22 field hospitals and other temporary medical points in 18 states, adding a total of 8,450 beds.

Trump said, "Across the United States, we are fighting the new crown epidemic from various fronts, including medical, scientific, social, logistics, and economic."

He revealed that he had talked with Democratic Party presidential candidate Biden to discuss the epidemic measures. Trump said that the two had a "very friendly conversation" for 15 minutes, "he made a suggestion, but it does not mean that I agree."

On the same day, Trump also expressed his best wishes to the British Prime Minister Johnson, who was admitted to the hospital for new coronary pneumonia. He said that US pharmaceutical companies are assisting British doctors to provide treatment options.

CNN reported on the 6th that 173 people have tested positive for the new coronavirus on the US military nuclear-powered aircraft carrier "Theodore Roosevelt" docked in Guam. Of the more than 5,000 officers and men on board, about 61% have been tested and about 2,000 have been transferred ashore. The ship's current captain Krose was dismissed due to the outbreak for help.

After the launch of a large-scale economic stimulus of US $ 2 trillion, the United States and the White House are negotiating a new round of outbreak assistance programs. US Speaker of the House of Representatives Pelosi said on the 6th that the next new crown assistance bill, totaling about $ 1 trillion, may be passed "with ease." (Finish)