British Prime Minister Johnson, who had stayed at Corona 19 last month, was moved to the intensive care unit. Some local media also say the prime minister is serious. German Chancellor Merkel says the European Union has the biggest test in history.

News from the European side was compiled by reporter Kim Jeong-gi.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who entered quarantine after corona19 infection was confirmed on the 27th of last month, was admitted to the intensive care unit after worsening symptoms after 10 days of containment.

It is known to show symptoms such as fever and difficulty breathing.

The British government explained that Prime Minister Johnson received some oxygen, but was not using an oxygen respirator.

However, some media outlets say the possibility of Prime Minister Johnson's illness is serious.

Prime Minister Johnson's work has been carried out by Foreign Minister Rab.

German Chancellor Merkel has identified Europe's corona crisis as the biggest crisis since its launch.

[Merkel / Germany Prime Minister: The European Union has the biggest test in history It is a big challenge.]

He said it was too early to return to his daily routine, and he indicated that he would maintain various restrictions over the next two weeks.

However, some European countries have reported that the corona has peaked, and have announced some plans to ease the blockade.

Austria said it would allow small shops to resume operations on the 14th, and Denmark decided to open kindergartens and elementary schools from the 15th, and the Czech Republic is also looking to ease the containment.

In contrast, Italy and the United Kingdom have extended or strengthened existing measures.

The Italian government is actively considering ways to extend the closing date by the 18th of next month, and the British government is also considering extending the blockade until this weekend.

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