Prime Minister Chung Se-gyun expressed concern over the situation that young people are flocking to entertainment venues today (7th), despite the implementation of high-intensity social distances to prevent the spread of corona19.

"I have to worry about the situation where young people become 'silent preachers'," Jung said at a meeting of the Central Disaster Safety Response Headquarters held at the Sejong Government Complex today.

Prime Minister Chung said, “People gather in line in entertainment venues such as some clubs that have opened despite the high social distance.” “The clubs that collide with each other in a confined space are places where there is a great risk of collective infection.” Revealed.

At today's meeting, which was presided over by video linking superintendents of municipalities across the country, Mr. Chung urged middle school and third year high school students who are approaching two days ahead to be online.

Prime Minister Chung emphasized, "I haven't been there, so I can't avoid trial and error, but I still have to check, check, and relax to minimize the problem."

In addition, he said, "I will tell the people honestly about the problems and difficulties and gather the wisdom of everyone to prepare a solution."

"We are facing crises and opportunities at the same time in the rapidly changing environment of Corona 19," said Prime Minister Chung. "The remote class that we are fully adopting after a hard time is another bold challenge to try during the battle against Corona 19."

In addition, he added, "There are a lot of concerns, but if everyone's efforts are supported, we can close the information gap between students and make it a starting point for future educational innovation."

Prime Minister Chung said, "Every donation, including large corporations, is making donations such as providing smart devices and supporting communication expenses for students in poor environments." Thank you very much, and it has been a great force in terms of water quality. "

On the other hand, Prime Minister Chung said, “Each country is asking for support for the corona19 diagnostic test kit from our government. I walked and appeared. ”

(Photo = Yonhap News)