Coronavirus: Emmanuel Macron facing system D of Seine-Saint-Denis

Emmanuel Macron during his visit to a health center in Pantin on April 7, 2020. REUTERS / Gonzalo Fuentes / Pool

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Emmanuel Macron visited this Tuesday, April 7 in Pantin and La Courneuve, in Seine-Saint-Denis, a department strongly affected by the Covid-19 epidemic and where social inequalities make confinement more difficult. The President of the Republic met with nursing staff in a nursing home in Pantin and with municipal officials and associations in La Courneuve.


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It was with a mask that Emmanuel Macron arrived in a nursing home in Pantin. Immediately, the president noted that the shortage of equipment was there also the main difficulty of the carers.

For caregivers, it's system D for masks and unscrambles for gowns. " How do you do for the clothes ?" "Questions Emmanuel Macron. " I try to make two patients and after I change my gown, I wash them in the evening when I get home, I put them to dry so that I can use them the next day, " explains a caregiver.

Emmanuel Macron takes note and justifies himself: " The best-thought-out plans had not imagined that China would be affected and that all the countries would be in peak at the same time, and that what we thought was worthless six years ago months or a year, all of a sudden we would be in scarcity ”.

Organizational problem

A rarity to which is added disorganization, according to the director of the La Courneuve health center. " Last example to date, the minister announces masks in town, we wait all week and the pharmacist ends up telling us that he has three masks for the whole town, it's not okay!" ", He laments.

The Ile-de-France region announced Tuesday that it will distribute 300,000 protective masks to caregivers, businesses and humanitarian associations in Seine-Saint-Denis, a department of 1.6 million inhabitants where deaths have surged 63% between March 21 and March 27.

During this trip, rich in lessons, the presence of Emmanuel Macron caused a crowd of people where social distancing was not respected. Despite himself, the president was confronted with the difficulty of enforcing the confinement instructions.

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