Cancellation of global flights also lowers the accuracy of weather forecasts


The United Nations experts on global meteorology have reported that due to the impact of the new coronavirus, data from private airliners used for weather forecasts have been significantly reduced due to the cancellation of global flights, and the accuracy of weather forecasts will be improved in the future. Clarified that it could decline.

According to the announcement of the United Nations specialized organization, WMO = World Meteorological Organization, weather information such as weather forecasts around the world will be gathered through various information from land, sea and space, as well as equipment mounted on private passenger aircraft Temperature, wind speed and wind direction are also used as valuable data.

However, due to the continuous flight cancellations worldwide due to the impact of the new coronavirus, data from passenger aircraft can no longer be obtained as before, especially in Europe. is.

If the situation persists, "we expect the reliability of weather forecasts to decline gradually", WMO Secretary-General Tarras said, and weather forecasts could become less accurate if airline flight cancellations continue in the future It has a nature.