The Ministry of Justice has launched an interactive electronic platform for legal advice, bringing together lawyers at various levels of litigation, and dealers across the country, as individuals have been able to communicate with law firms remotely, without the need to visit their offices, present their cases to them, and learn about the various fee offers, And choosing what suits them from the lawyers according to what they see, based on the experience of the lawyer, or the evaluation of the owners of previous experiences with him, or according to the cost of pleading in the case or legal advice.

The Ministry of Justice confirmed that it was keen to launch this service at the present time, in the context of precautionary measures aimed at ensuring the highest levels of prevention of the emerging corona virus, and within the efforts of the state to ensure the application of global best practices, in order to address and limit the spread of the virus, and provide the best government services Remotely.

The Minister of Justice, Sultan Saeed Al Badi, told «Emirates Today» that the ministry places leadership in the field of innovation within the priority of its strategic plan, to achieve a more fair judicial system and keep pace with the best practices in the world, as well as disseminating knowledge about the law and preserving its sovereignty, and providing creative and technological solutions in This field, and thus promoting a culture of innovation in the legal field, keeping abreast of and preparing for all events and developments around us.

Al-Badi emphasized that the Ministry is continuing its efforts, especially at the current stage to keep pace with spreading the culture of innovation and working remotely, by developing an interactive platform to help in legal consultations, a platform that promotes easy access to legal aid and information, building bridges of direct communication between customers and lawyers, and facilitating access To the services, reduce the time for the dealers, in addition to the cost of consulting.

For his part, the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Support Services, Abdullah Abdul Jabbar Al-Majid, stated that the interactive platform is an urgent necessity at the current stage, and was designed to ensure easy access for the service applicant to the correct information he needs.

He added that «the platform provides individuals with many other services remotely, such as contacting directly with lawyers, and publishing the inquiry without identifying the owner of the service request for advice.

Finally, the Ministry of Justice has partnered with Global Legal Technology (Legal Advice Middle East) to enhance access to legal aid to collaborate in developing the interactive platform.

The new platform enhances the efficiency of the country's judicial system.