(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) French deaths rose to 8911 single-day deaths now ranking first in European countries

China News Agency, Paris, April 6th (Reporter Li Yang) The French New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic continued to worsen on the 6th, local time, and the cumulative deaths rose to 8911. The number of deaths in a single day reached 833, surpassing Italy, Spain and other countries, and now living in Europe First in the country.

According to the latest epidemic statistics released by French Minister of Health Wieland that night, the number of deaths from French new coronary pneumonia has risen sharply. French hospitals added 605 new deaths on the 6th, with a total of 6494 deaths in hospitals; a total of 2417 deaths in nursing homes and a total of 8911 deaths across the country.

Vilan also confirmed that there were 833 single-day deaths on the 6th, which is currently the highest number of single-day deaths in France. Among other European countries with severe epidemics, there were 636 deaths in Italy, 637 deaths in Spain and 439 deaths in the UK on a single day on the 6th. France ranks first among European countries in terms of the number of deaths per day.

In terms of confirmed cases, 5171 new cases were added on the same day in France, and 74390 cases were confirmed in hospitals; 23620 cases were confirmed in nursing homes. At present, the domestic and foreign media have generally merged the number of hospital and nursing home cases, and it has been determined that the cumulative number of confirmed cases in France has reached 98,010 cases. The French Ministry of Health has no objection to this. In addition, the current number of inpatients in France is 29,722, including 7072 in severe cases.

The number of confirmed cases in the Greater Paris area, where France ’s New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic is most severe, has risen to 22,583, with 2,409 deaths and 271 deaths on the 6th. The number of severely ill patients in the Greater Paris area increased to 2,552, and the rate of increase slowed to 2% that day.

French Minister of Health Vilan said that to increase the test of the new coronavirus, a large-scale screening operation will be carried out on the "most vulnerable people", giving priority to the elderly, the disabled and the professionals who care for them, and strive to reduce deaths in nursing homes and other places Number of people.

A series of control measures such as the French "closing the city" have been in place for three weeks. French Minister of the Interior Castane emphasized that the current must not be relaxed. The French governor and mayor need to take the necessary measures to restrict the activities of the people ’s outdoor exercise to ensure that the control measures can be achieved. Strict implementation. (Finish)