All inbound passengers are tested for nucleic acids (State Council Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism Press Conference)

Increasing the punishment for untrustworthy persons who conceal the epidemic situation

Beijing, April 6 (Reporter Qiu Chaoyi) As of 24:00 on April 5, 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps currently have 1,299 confirmed cases, including 265 severe cases; a total of 77,078 cases were discharged. There were 3,331 deaths in total; 81,708 confirmed cases were reported and 88 suspected cases were reported. 78 cases of asymptomatic infections were added, of which 40 cases were imported from abroad; 5 cases were converted to confirmed cases on the same day, all of which were imported from abroad; 50 cases were released from medical observation on the same day. 1047 cases of asymptomatic infections are still under medical observation, including 275 cases imported from abroad. On April 5, except for Hubei, the number of local severe cases dropped to 9 and Hubei dropped to 3 except Wuhan.

On the 6th, the State Council's Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism held a press conference to introduce the latest situation regarding the importation of foreign epidemic prevention and control according to law.

Song Yueqian, deputy director of the Department of Health and Quarantine of the General Administration of Customs, introduced that the vast majority of people entering and exiting the country can abide by the regulations and truthfully report their health status, but there are still a few people who conceal the epidemic and cover up the symptoms when filling in the health declaration card, and attempt to pass the customs. For relevant violations of the law, the Customs will give a warning or an administrative penalty of up to a fine of 30,000 yuan, and if the circumstances are serious, they will be transferred to the judicial organ to pursue criminal responsibility. At the same time, the Customs will increase punishment for dishonesty, such as including the punished persons on the “blacklist” of passengers for dishonesty.

At present, China's overseas import cases continue to increase, with more than 950 cases. In order to strengthen border control, Liu Haitao, director of the border inspection and management department of the National Immigration Administration, said that the National Immigration Administration has built three lines of defense. First, before entering the country, it will grasp the dynamic information of the immigration personnel in advance and carry out big data analysis. More than 200,000 people came from key epidemic countries or areas with relevant travel history and residence history, and 391 confirmed cases were found, accounting for more than 40% of imported cases abroad. Second, when entering, set up key epidemic countries at ports Special areas and passages for regional immigration personnel, inquiring and inspecting each immigration personnel one by one; third, after entering the country, the relevant immigration personnel information will be notified to the joint prevention and control mechanism in various places in real time, and all planned departures in violation of the isolation period shall be blocked, and Hand over to the competent department for handling according to law.

On March 29, the Civil Aviation Administration of China implemented the "five one" measures to further reduce the volume of international passenger flights. As of April 5, a total of 112 international passenger flights have entered the country, with approximately 21,000 passengers arriving in 8 days. The number of people entering through air ports has been reduced from about 25,000 people per day to less than 3,000 people before the implementation, effectively preventing the risk of epidemic importation. Han Guangzu, deputy director of the Flight Standards Department of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said that for some cities with concentrated demand and flight destinations that have the ability to receive support, the Civil Aviation Administration has launched a major air transportation guarantee mechanism to arrange temporary flights to assist overseas citizens to return home. From March 4 to April 3, a total of 11 temporary flights were arranged to assist 1,827 Chinese citizens in Iran, Italy and the United Kingdom to return to their home countries. The returnees were mainly international students.

In terms of land entry prevention and control, China has 91 land border open ports, and there are many border passages, access roads, and roads. Liu Haitao said that the national immigration administration strictly restricts unnecessary entry and exit activities and prohibits third country personnel from exiting border borders For entry, the passenger transport function of the land port passage is suspended. The number of foreign personnel, including border residents, has dropped from more than 60,000 people per day to more than 10,000 people per day, a drop of more than 80%.

In the next step, the customs will comprehensively strengthen the health and quarantine of the entry personnel. From April 1, the customs and local governments will cooperate closely to implement nucleic acid sampling and testing for all passengers entering through air, water and land ports, and transfer all personnel and their information to the joint defense and joint control mechanism at the port location. Medical treatment or measures for centralized isolation.