The queues linger long outside Soweto's food markets in Johannesburg. There, as elsewhere, people are urged to distance themselves from one another, but this has proved difficult. According to official figures on the spread of the Coronavirus, South Africa is the worst affected on the continent with 1,600 confirmed cases, all over Africa there are 9,000 confirmed cases.

However, South Africa has tested more. The figures from other parts of the continent are not as reliable. The country's future is at stake when people are affected here. University student Angel Goma is expected to conduct his studies remotely from home.

"Many of us who live in low-income areas do not have the Internet at home, so this situation has a huge impact on our lives," Goma tells SVT.

"Becoming a riot"

Lagos in Nigeria is also shut down, as is Johannesburg, but there is reported to have a fraction as many infected. This according to insufficient official figures.

- People are panicking. We do not know what will happen and the numbers continue to grow, says doctor Joseph Olusina from Lagos.

He fears that unrest could erupt if the authorities failed to stop the spread.

- There may be riots and demonstrations. People are hungry and the government's efforts are inadequate, he concludes.

See the interviews and pictures on crowded streets in South Africa and Nigeria in the clip