Mayor of Tokushima election Newcomer Sawako Naito beats his current position and is definitely elected April 5 22:07

In the election of the mayor of Tokushima, which was a conflict between incumbents and newcomers, Sawako Naito, the representative of the town development organization, defeated his incumbent aiming for the second term and secured the first election. Naito, 36, is the youngest mayor to date among all female mayors nationwide.

In the Tokushima mayoral election, the rookie Mr. Naito beat the current incumbent Mr. Endo aiming for the second term, and ensured his first election.

Naito is 36 years old from Tokushima City. While studying at the University of Tokyo, she developed an intractable disease, and a book on her experiences gained much attention. After that, he acted as a representative of a local town development organization and ran for the first time in the mayoral election of Tokushima.

The coordination between the city and the prefecture is important for the revitalization of Tokushima, and it is important to cooperate in the development of new halls, etc., and to take the initiative in operating Awaodori and rebuilding the brand. Complained.

The election was a conservative split, with support divided within the LDP, but Mr. Naito gained broad support from the LDP's supporters as well as from non-partisans.

Mr. Naito is the youngest mayor of any female mayor to date.