U.S. health officials are now calling on all residents of the country to wear a mask, based in part on studies that suggest the virus may be airborne. As residents of New York now move with their faces covered, Donald Trump already said he would not comply with this recommendation.

Do we all have to wear a mask to fight coronavirus? The United States has chosen: the Center for Disease Control has been recommending it since Friday to all Americans when they go out. A decision motivated in particular by the fact that certain studies estimate that the virus could be transmitted in the air.

Transmission during simple conversations?

A panel of American experts explained to the White House that Covid-19 could be transmitted just by talking to each other, and not just by coughing or sneezing as the majority of the scientific community has thought so far. Several studies support this hypothesis of transmission in the air when people speak and breathe, but which is not yet fully confirmed. The risk, however, was deemed sufficiently significant by the US government that it now advises people to cover their faces.

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Donald Trump refuses to wear a mask

"The center for disease control advises the use of textile masks, not medical equipment," said Donald Trump in a statement, however. The American president immediately undermined the message from the health authorities, explaining that this measure was not at all mandatory and that he himself would not do it.


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New York, the epicenter of the epidemic in the United States, did not wait for the government to decide to encourage the wearing of masks. Since Friday, we see in the streets of the Big Apple more and more New Yorkers with their faces covered.