On March 17, the government decided to close schools from high school and up. About 58,000 students in Västra Götaland have studied for a few weeks at a distance.

But not all students can study at home, and in Angered, the district, together with the education administration, has tried to review how many students are unable to study from home for various reasons.

- We see in the situation we are in right now, an increased need for daytime places for high school students living in Angered. Having somewhere to plug in looks very different in Angered depending on the conditions you have. From the cultural and leisure management side we can contribute with premises in the district, says Sanna Eskilsson Juhlin, area manager of cultural and leisure in Angered.

The recreation center has been open to students

Last week, at the Mixgården leisure farm in Hammarkullen, they started to stay open during the day for high school students who needed a place to study.

- We have seen that you need support and help with different school assignments, what the teachers do. The teachers are there but there is a lot of homework and we can help with that so we do. But it could also be that you need a meal or some peace and quiet that you might not find at home in the same way, says Beata Dahlberg, leisure manager at Mixgården.

The district opens another room

Now, the district has instead decided to open up the activity house in Hammarkullen to the students. The mixed farm will no longer be open during the day, but the leisure farm may open later in the day, depending on the size of the need.

Hear above what students think about plugging in remotely.