Last week, their daughter was born - last Tuesday Emma started coughing. So when the call from the hospital came on Wednesday, neither Emma nor Pär was surprised.

What surprised them, however, was that they let corona-infected staff work, and that they let Emma visit BB earlier this week, even though they pointed out the cough.

- It feels silly that we got infected at the birth where you handle small fragile children, but also that we may have infected someone at BB. We do not want to put it to them, says Pär.

Since they isolated themselves for 2.5 weeks before delivery, they are convinced that it was in the hospital that they became infected.

Concern for the newborn daughter

The daughter Wilda is a week old, and now Pär is also showing symptoms of the corona virus. The new parents try to get clarity on how to relate to their newborn daughter. Something that turned out not to be quite simple, as they were balled between various instances such as 1177, BB and childbirth.

Already at birth, Emma and Pär noted that one in the staff was coughing, but that person was referring to allergies.

- If it is this person, then it feels like sheer nonchalance. I think the hospital should register themselves, says Pär, who at the same time adds that they had an incredibly good experience at the birth.

"Understands it is worrying"

Chief physician Göran Günther notes that there are several cases of Covid-19 among the staff of the Academic Hospital.

- How they have become infected is very difficult to say. We all urge you to stay home if they have the slightest cold symptoms, but I understand that this is causing a lot of anxiety.

The Uppsala region has recently been given better opportunities to test its staff, but no specific measures will be taken at the birth as a result of the identified case.

- We are aware of the risks that exist and are very careful to follow hygiene practices. I really hope mother and child are doing well and our ambition is, of course, that no one should get an infection that they did not bring with them to the hospital. It is a cornerstone of our mission.

See more about Pär's reaction that the family may have been infected by corona at the birth in the clip above.