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How do you know if you are infected with covid 19 or cold?


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Question: Covid-19
Diabetes is reported to be a risk factor for serious complications. Many type II diabetics are treated with both insulin and Metformin. Is there any reason to be afraid that Metformin will make cells more susceptible to the new Corina virus?

Sune Sandström

24 min13.17

70+ does not seem to take this seriously here in Sindsvall / Timrå. Do you think the municipalities are doing enough to help get the FoHM's message out and sharpen the situation?

Info To 70+

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All elderly people with symptoms receiving home care and all accommodation at elderly homes with symptoms in Västernorrland are tested. What does it look like with protective material to me if I want to start as a substitute and someone with the elderly has symptoms of Corona or found Corona.

Do I dare to work in Home Care And Elderly Care in Timrå EllerSundsvall?

Yes, almost everyone who has symptoms in home care or living in elderly homes is tested. Protective equipment for the staff is available right now. But constant efforts are being made to obtain equipment. Protective equipment is given priority to those who care for those who have symptoms. / Hans Boman, infection control physician.

SVT · Anna Beijron

25 min13.16

Does everyone who has COPD be seriously ill if they are infected by Corona? Has COPD in the middle of stage 2


Hi Evy! No everyone does not get seriously ill, but the risk is slightly increased compared to being completely healthy. / Hans Boman infectious surgeon

SVT · Anna Beijron

25 min13.16

I wonder if there is evidence that health professionals have as good protection against Corona with the new lower requirements on protective equipment?


Hi Lina! This is being evaluated on an ongoing basis and it has been concluded that the equipment now recommended is sufficient. / Hans Boman, infection control physician

SVT · Anna Beijron

30 Mar16.28

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