For the past year, Signe Henriksson, 97, has been a tenant at the service accommodation of Klint in central Karlskrona. There, until three weeks ago, he was regularly visited by daughters Eva Hasselberg and Margita Olsson.

But after the corona eruption, conditions changed.

- Once a week we meet mom outdoors and take her on a walk in the park and around the block. She has always enjoyed staying outside and we would like her to continue with that, says Margita Olsson.

Can continue to meet outside

According to the daughters, the 97-year-old is fully aware of the strained situation the country is in.

- She's clear in her head and understands the situation. The difference with earlier is that we can no longer visit her. But we call every day and take our walks, says Margita Olsson.

According to Head of Unit Karin Johansson, the new statutory ban on visitors does not affect the residents' opportunities to meet relatives - outside the walls of the service house.

- They can continue as before by having the staff accompany and leave outside.

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Karin Johansson, unit manager at Klint's service accommodation. Photo: SVT