• The accusation: The Prosecutor's Office reports that Iñaki Urdangarin expands his volunteer work
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The First Section of the Provincial Court of Mallorca has annulled the two-week-a-month prison term granted to Iñaki Urdangarin. In this way, he agrees with the Prosecutor's Office, which filed an appeal against the order issued by the Penitentiary Surveillance Court number 1 of Valladolid .

According to the order, to which EL MUNDO has had access, the aforementioned exits "supposes the passage of the prisoner to an open regime, characteristic of the third degree that he does not yet have. In turn, he emphasizes that "there is no evidence that these exits can be a solution to health problems that the inmate does not have or, at least, it is not recorded that he has."

"Well, the only thing in the cause," adds the resolution, are "imbalances in the emotional sphere," but "it is unknown whether it is due to being serving a sentence or to being serving a sentence in the conditions in which it is being served. "

"Nor does it appear", continues the Hearing in the aforementioned order, "that these departures are absolutely necessary to meet work obligations (which are not stated either) or obligations of a similar or analogous nature."

In summary, points out the Chamber, what had been done with Urdangarin so far is "plain and simple advancement of the enjoyment of the open regime with the only foundations of the characteristics of the prison where the sentence is being served," referring to the Brieva prison, in Ávila , to which "the inmate voluntarily agreed".

The Prosecutor's Office denounced "comparative tort"

The Public Ministry has already denounced that the permits for two weekends a month to Urdangarin "suppose to empty the content of the condemnatory pronouncement" of the sentence passed by the Provincial Court itself in the framework of the Nóos case. This court imposed a sentence of six years and three months on the former Duke of Palma in February 2017.

Likewise, he warned that the regime he was enjoying constituted a "comparative grievance by creating a situation of inequality with the rest of the inmates in the same classification situation."

The decision of the Provincial Court of Mallorca has a particular vote.

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