In less than a week, Monday, April 6, the Armed Forces must decide whether Aurora 20 should be moved forward in time or shrunk.

The original plan includes about 25,000 participants, including 3,000 from twelve invited countries. Canada has previously announced that the country is jumping off.

Now Germany announces that they will not come. Britain withdraws its frigate but will send an infantry company. Austria is considering withdrawing.

"Follows what's going on"

"We are following what is happening and the exercise management for Aurora 20 is working intensively right now with planning for alternative event developments caused by covid-19," says Jonas Svensson, communications manager for the exercise.

The original plan for Aurora 20 is to be implemented between May 11 and June 4. Blekinge and parts of Skåne will be most affected even if it is a national defense exercise.

- We have contact with our international partners and are aware that their contributions can change at short notice depending on how different countries are affected by covid-19, says Jonas Svensson.