Saint-Brieuc (AFP)

Two medicalized TGVs leaving Paris and evacuating 36 patients with coronavirus arrived at the start of the afternoon on Wednesday, one in Rennes, the other in Saint-Brieuc (Cotes-d'Armor), the only stop before reaching its terminus Brest, said a journalist from AFP and SNCF.

The first TGV is to send ten patients to the Brest University Hospital, eight to the Saint-Brieuc Hospital Center and six to the army training hospital in Brest, according to a press release from ARS Brittany.

The second TGV was to bring twelve patients to the CHU of the Breton capital.

The purpose of this evacuation is to relieve hospitals in Ile-de-France, now the French region most affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, with a third of the 3,523 deaths recorded in hospitals.

In all, this transfer therefore concerns 36 patients hospitalized in intensive care and who come from ten establishments in the Paris region.

At the Saint-Brieuc station, the national and railway police were present to ensure the smooth running of the operation.

Coronavirus patients have already been transferred in recent days from the Grand Est region, the first region to be severely affected, to other regions of France and to Germany, by TGV, helicopters and military aircraft.

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