To clear your mind during confinement and travel in the great outdoors without moving from your sofa, you can view images shot live by cameras around the world. For the more patient, this is an opportunity to witness rare scenes from the life of wild animals or phenomena such as the northern lights.

What if this confinement was an opportunity to get closer to nature? Paradoxical in this period of confinement due to coronavirus, but possible directly from his couch thanks to cameras that broadcast live wild life. There are many websites or live videos on streaming platforms to watch rare images: the nap of a family of gorillas, an elephant mud bath or the mouthful of an eagle to its young. Rare images, filmed around the world and broadcast live 24 hours a day.

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Clear your mind

When you are like that in non-stop teleworking, it allows you to clear your mind with a moderate carbon footprint, says Corinne, seduced by the concept that she considers useful in this period of confinement. "In any case, we could not consume since we no longer have the right to travel."

These videos, accessible via the YouTube website or directly via nature reserve websites, can also be educational resources. "Our students live in an extremely urban environment, this can allow them to escape, to have the impression of being able to live something other than confinement in their apartments", explains Pierre, professor in a suburban college in Paris. With his videos, he shares more than just a science lesson.

For even rarer shows, there are live Northern Lights or even live geysers in action. It only remains to arm yourself with patience and keep your eyes open.