An Australian tourist infected with the new corona virus thanked the UAE health sector for its care and treatment of the virus, even though it had landed Dubai Airport (transit) on its way from Britain to her country.

The tourist, Wendy Hawking (55 years), said in a message to the UAE authorities that she did not expect the health care system in the UAE to be at such a distinguished level, noting that she had recovered from the virus thanks to the early and complete medical treatment of her infection.

She added in her message that she left London Heathrow airport without being examined, and arrived at Dubai Airport (transit) and after examining it, it became clear that her temperature was increased, so she was transferred to Prime Hospital near the airport, to have a Corona virus analysis done, and to commit her to the stone.

"The results showed positive, so I was immediately admitted to the hospital's isolation department and my treatment started immediately. I was shocked by the results as we had no idea that infection in Britain was high."

"I spent 11 days at Prime Hospital in Dubai, and I did not experience shortness of breath because the virus did not reach the lower respiratory tract or lungs due to rapid medical intervention," she added.

"The doctors at Prime Hospital gave me a cure for symptoms that are somewhat similar to the flu but I multiplied tenfold. I had a headache, I felt like I climbed a mountain, and even eating a small thing from breakfast was requiring tremendous effort. I was suffering from severe nausea and loss. Appetite, and when I couldn't eat, I was put on a fluid therapy device. "

The tourist pointed out that the health care she was receiving around the clock and the positive spirit of doctors and nursing staff contributed to her rapid recovery from the virus.

She said: After recovering, I had three tests, all of which were negative, so I went out of Prime Hospital and went to a quarantine in a hotel room.

"I am still in strict quarantine and do not meet anyone, I do not leave my room, order my needs online, and communicate with my family in Melbourne over the phone."

Wendy gave advice to everyone: "My advice is to not take any flu-like symptoms with complacency. You should go to the nearest hospital. I have recovered from Corona because of the excellent healthcare I received early. It is also necessary to adhere to self-isolation if you suspect that you have the virus to break Transmission chain, and contact the nearest hospital. "

For his part, Dr. Adel Al-Sisi, Medical Director and Consultant of the intensive care and emergency medicine at Prime Hospital in Dubai said that the hospital received the patient, and dealt with it includes a team specialized in emerging coronavirus infections, and was treated in a separate and isolated ward for the patients with the virus.

"We treat the patient according to the guidelines of the health sectors in the country and the World Health Organization, and we apply treatment protocols very carefully, and thanks to following the best successful treatment methods, our medical team has gained confidence in dealing with the patients of this epidemic."