• Coronavirus. Minister Boccia: "Reopen? First scientific assessments"
  • Rezza challenges Imperial College numbers: "They don't take serological data into account"
  • Imperial College Study: "In Italy already over five million people are infected"
  • Flags at half mast and silence, Italy remembers the victims of the coronavirus


March 31, 2020 "Our Crisis Unit today approved the launch of the scientific project for molecular research with serological test through blood collection" to understand if you already have antibodies and immunization to covid-19. This was announced by the governor of Veneto Luca Zaia. The experimental phase, he said, will start "with employees of health and retirement homes".

This week is crucial
"The Venetians are giving us a great hand. The model is 5 days late thanks to the restrictive measures, it is a positive fact." This was stated by the president of the Veneto region, Luca Zaia, during the daily press point on the coronavirus emergency at the headquarters of the Civil Protection of Marghera (Venice). "We have a study done with the tracers of the telephone companies and there is a decrease equal to 55% of intra-regional transits - stressed Zaia -. Today we have an increase in hospitalized patients but in a less important way than what happened a week ago". " This week is crucial, we cannot let our guard down "he concluded.

Thanks to the young people
"The boys are the engine of this game. You have no idea how many boys write to me; I know they are making a sacrifice and I thank all the young people," said the president of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia. "They are sacrificing for their own health, that of their grandparents and the community and their own. It will be written that the grandchildren have saved the grandparents," added Zaia. "We will gradually reach a normality, a normality different from that which we knew, the world will be different from that of before" he concluded.

Heard Mattarella, worried by the scourge
"The other day President Mattarella also called me, we had a long phone call. He called me to find out how he was doing, also worried by this scourge, and we talked at length about the situation," said Zaia in the press point on 'emergency.