China News Service, March 31. According to the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) report on the 31st, the Tokyo Olympics countdown board placed on the first floor of the Chiba City Hall, Japan ’s Tokyo Olympic Games countdown board has been stopped again for 6 days after the Tokyo Olympics ’new schedule has been finalized. resurrection".

According to reports, this countdown board went out on March 25 due to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics. With the release of the new schedule for the Tokyo Olympics, on March 31, after the staff of the Chiba city government reset and installed the batteries, the number "479" appeared on the countdown board, "days from the Tokyo Olympics". At the same time, the number "511" also appeared on the countdown board of the Paralympic Games placed together.

Data map: The countdown of the Olympic countdown card on the streets of Tokyo restarted.

It is reported that due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the number of people visiting the municipal government is very small, so the countdown board can be said to be "quietly" re-lit.

As for the countdown to restart, Jin Gongjiro, assistant director of the Chiba Olympic Paralympics Promotion Section, said, "I was worried that the delay of the Olympics would discourage the citizens, but the new schedule was decided faster than expected, and the city will unite and make preparations."

On March 24, 2020, in view of the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation, the International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee issued a joint statement announcing that the Tokyo Olympics would be rescheduled after 2020, but not later than the summer of 2021.

On March 30, 2020, the International Olympic Committee officially issued a statement announcing that the Tokyo Olympics will open on July 23, 2021 and close on August 8. The Tokyo Paralympic Games will be held from August 24 to September 5, 2021.