A member of the Council of Senior Scholars in Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Mutlaq, criticized some of the exploitation of the current conditions and the promotion of recipes they claim are treating the "corona virus" (Covid 19).

Al-Mutlaq said, in an interview with "Fatwas" program on the Saudi channel, that people are now in misfortune, and some elderly people say sorbet of bitter and turmeric are treated from "Corona", wondering: "Where did you get these allegations from? Are you studying?"

Sheikh al-Mutlaq asked, denouncing: "Do we leave medicine and scholars with degrees in it and resort to such prescriptions?"

Fatwas His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah Al-Mutlaq - Member of the Council of Senior Scholars: We do not need the Qur’an’s instructions, some say “turmeric and bitter cure is # Corona,” and God Almighty mentioned in his noble book: “So ask an expert about it.” # We are all responsible pic.twitter.com/r6ksO7TwiU

- Saudi Channel 🇸🇦 (@saudiatv) March 30, 2020