▲ British police officers patrolling the closed streets of Birmingham

With the spread of Corona19, health officials warned that the "blockade policy" currently in force in the UK could last for more than six months.

England's deputy chief health officer, Jenny Harris, said Friday (local time) that the British could be in some form of blockade for more than six months and that if it was released too soon, a second Corona 19 could be met. Reuters The communication reported.

The comment is understood to indicate that the British government's move limit, which was triggered by the three-week deadline on the 23rd, may be extended for some time.

As of today, there are 19,522 confirmed corona19s in the UK, the eighth largest in the world.

1,228 people died.

"We shouldn't suddenly return to everyday life, it's going to be very dangerous," said Harris. "If we stop (blockade policy), all our efforts will be in vain, and we can potentially take the second peak. I will see. ”

"We'll go through a three-week review, and we'll probably know where we're going in the next six months," he said. "We need to restrain, and then gradually and hopefully adjusting our social distance measures, we can all go back to our daily lives. There will be. "

It said, "It's a moving goal," and "we need to wait to see how successful we have been doing."

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who had previously been confirmed by Corona19, also appealed to all citizens to stay home through a letter to the public today saying the situation could be worse than it is today.

"We can't predict for sure, but everyone needs to be prepared for this to continue for a while," said Michael Gove, head of the Office of State Coordination.

Professor Neil Ferguson Imperial College, an infectious pathologist who advises the government to deal with the Corona19 situation, also told the Sunday Times, "(Limited to move) can be continued until the end of May or the beginning of June. I also spoke.

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