How the participants in the religious services are allowed to take communion is a change that the Swedish Church itself has introduced as a result of the corona virus. Another comes from church members, who set up baptisms and weddings.

"It is clear that people who are going to gather their family, perhaps from many different parts of the country, will postpone it if they can," says Lars Åstrand, cathedral chaplain.

"What will happen to one's family?"

The deacons of the Uppsala parishes also notice the corona virus. They see a connection between more people making contact and worrying about getting sick.

- You may be afraid of corona. What can happen to one's self, what can happen to one's family, says Marie Strandgren, deaconist strategist.

Getting a call contact over the phone is also a way to break the isolation that will prevent the spread of the infection.

- Being able to call someone to talk I think is an opportunity that will increase, says Eva Berglund, city deacon in the Holy Trinity Assembly in central Uppsala.

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Deacons Eva Berglund and Marie Strandgren get in touch with more troubled and lonely Uppsalabor. Photo: Mats Hedström / SVT