In the municipality of Strömsund there is no case yet of covid-19. Nevertheless, for example, the bathhouse, library and sports facilities have been closed down. This is to prevent the spread of infection.

In addition, to support the local business community, square sales of salespeople who come from outside have been stopped.

In Stockholm in particular, it has been found that new arrivals are a vulnerable group. One reason for this is believed to be that they are not reached by information in a language they understand.

In Strömsund there is a large group of new arrivals. Are they informed about the corona crisis?

- It is clearly difficult to reach groups that maybe neither Swedish nor English. But we also have information in Arabic. The fact that we have closed down so many public institutions also contributes in their own way to their reaction and hopefully find out what is happening, says the municipal council Susanne Hansson (S).