- It feels good, that's what you've been waiting for, now we've had the winter to rest on, so now we're tagged, says Calle Eriksson farmer in Kolbäck.

The situation looks good

After a difficult year for the county's farmers in 2018 when the drought caused many people to receive significantly worse harvests, 2019 was a year of fine harvests over the law. And so far, the situation looks good for this year's growing season.

- We are running on fertilizer on the rape and autumn wheat already, we take the opportunity to drive at night when it is frost, but the actual farming will be icy, says Calle Eriksson farmer in Kolbäck.

Corona affects

The corona crisis also affects agriculture. Grain prices have gone down so the hope for farmers is that it can change before it's time to sell this year's crop.

- Absolutely this is something you think about, but it is difficult to say about the future, we have done what we could with price hedges and a lot of time to happen before the harvest is salvaged, says Calle Eriksson.