March 30, 2020 North Korea has announced that it has tested a large multiple rocket launcher from the east coast to the Sea of ​​Japan: reports the official KNA agency, in the aftermath of the launch of what the Seoul military identified as missiles short-range ballistics. Politburo member Ri Pyong-chol and vice president of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party led the tests, while contrary to the other three similar initiatives held in March, leader Kim Jong-un would not have taken part.

The carriers covered a range of 230 km and a maximum altitude of about 30 km. "In a situation where the world is having difficulty with the Covid-19 pandemic, these are inappropriate military acts," was the comment of the South Korean Joint Chief of Staff assigned to a note. With negotiations with the US on nuclear power now blocked, the North has decided to strengthen its self-defense capabilities and, in his January speech to the nation, Kim mentioned "new strategic weapons" as ready in the near future.