Ken Shimura dies in Taiwan mourning from President and citizens March 30 19:42

The Taiwanese media also reported Ken Shimura's death in a breaking news, as well as mourning from President Tsai Ing-wen and the public.

In Taiwan, many people watched TV shows and variety shows featuring Shimura-san, and many comedians have been influenced by Shimura-san, especially because of their popularity in the late 30s and above.

The Taiwanese media has reported in detail the condition of Mr. Shimura who has been infected with the new coronavirus in the last few days, and also reported the death of Mr. Shimura as `` I died within a few days after the infection was confirmed '' etc. .

In addition, President Tsai Ing-wen also sent a message on Twitter saying, "Thank you for sending me a lot of laughter and energy. It will surely make many people laugh in heaven. Was.

Many citizens of Taipei mourned, saying, "I was very surprised to die from the new type of coronavirus pneumonia," and "I did not think that Mr. Shimura would die."

A Taipei massage shop manager, who used to visit Shimura when he visited Taiwan, said, "I was very friendly. I was sad to hear that I had passed away from an acquaintance in Japan. I was even more vigilant about the virus. "