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Because of the coronavirus, the government is considering extending the deadline for declaring its income in the context of the 2020 income tax campaign, we learned on Monday from Bercy, while the union Solidaires Finances publics calls to a postponement.

"We are considering an extension" of the time allowed to taxpayers to declare their income, told AFP the Ministry of Action and Public Accounts, adding that announcements would be made "within a week".

The 2020 campaign for reporting income for 2019 is due to start in early April. The deadlines for fulfilling this obligation vary depending on the reporting methods (paper or digital version) and the department of residence.

In principle, this year must also have something new: tax households whose situation does not require supplements or corrections will be exempt from declaration.

Solidaires, the first representative union in public finance, asked him Monday for the postponement of the income tax campaign, a "health obligation" according to him in the midst of an epidemic of coronavirus.

"The postponement of this declarative campaign constitutes a responsible and common sense requirement with regard to the health emergency situation," the union said in a press release.

"With 4.5 million requests from taxpayers at the counters of public finance services, launching the campaign under these conditions is in fact a risk for the health of public finance officers, but also for that of taxpayers" , adds Solidaires Finances Publiques.

"The launch of this particular campaign would call into question the internal organization implemented in recent days, which limits the physical presence of agents and favors teleworking," he warns.

For the union, the postponement of this campaign would delay the issuance of tax assessments, but "would have a limited impact on the state budget", due in particular to the introduction of the withholding tax.

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