China News Network, March 30. According to the Russian satellite network, in order to prevent the spread of the new crown virus epidemic, Russian President Putin signed an order announcing that the country will begin a week of paid vacations from March 30, ending on April 3.

On March 28 local time, Moscow entered a "quasi-capped city" state. Moscow's "Kabitoli" shopping and leisure center is closed. At present, most public places in Moscow have been closed. Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Xiujun

According to reports, Putin signed an order declaring a paid holiday from March 30 to April 3. Speaking to nationals on March 25, Putin explained that a long vacation can reduce the spread of the new crown virus in Russia.

Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov subsequently confirmed that the purpose of this week's holiday is to minimize personal contact, and everyone is welcome to implement remote work.

In addition, Russian transport and hospitals, clinics, rural clinics, pharmacies and other medical services will not be closed this week, and commercial outlets will continue to operate, supplying food and daily necessities to residents. The director of the Russian Federation's Labor and Employment Bureau pointed out that social security workers such as retirement funds and social insurance funds will continue to work, and government agencies, the media and other areas will continue to operate.