Liberal Democratic Party members urgently demand consumption tax reduction March 30 12:37

Young LDP lawmakers held a press conference over the economic measures following the spread of the new coronavirus and issued an urgent statement calling for a consumption tax cut.

The statement states that "a reduction in the consumption tax is indispensable to halt the catastrophic economic downturn," demanding a reduction to 5% or a zero consumption tax.

Mr. Ando, ​​a member of the House of Representatives who wrote the statement, said, "The Corona Shock has had a profound effect, and we should drastically cut consumption taxes and rebuild the economy. We must give a hopeful message." Was.

Mr. Shigeharu Aoyama said, "The" tax reduction power "is more than 100 members of the Liberal Democratic House of Representatives in both houses of the Diet. I want to push the back of Prime Minister Abe."