Coronavirus Infection-19 (Corona19) The Hesse State Finance Minister was found dead in Germany, facing a socio-economic crisis due to the spread.

On the 29th, according to local media, the state finance minister, Thomas Schaeffer (54), was found dead near the train the day before, Hesse said.

Prosecutors say he appears to have died on his own.

Schaefer left a note, but the details have not been released.

The local media is in an atmosphere that pays attention to the connection between Minister Schaefer's death and the corona 19 outbreak.

"We are so sad about the unbelievable thing," said Prime Minister Polker Buzier Hesse, who was worried about how Schaefer would respond to the economic shock of Corona 19.

Prime Minister Buri says that Schaefer, who has been the head of the economy for the past decade, has been working day and night amid the spread of Corona 10.

Chancellor Angela Merkel's governor of the Democratic Christian Democratic Party was also regarded as the prime successor of Buzier.

In Hesse, Frankfurt is the financial center of Germany.

The headquarters of the European Central Bank (ECB), Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank are also located in Frankfurt.

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(Photo = EPA, Yonhap News)